CEO message

I perceive entrepreneurism as a fuel that we hope to never run out of. Within this framework, we hope to expand our business, reach more people and but most importantly increase the satisfaction of all parties that we are in relation with. 2016 has been a successful year for our company and we want to express our gratitude to everyone who has helped us in this manner. Within 2018, we will continue to work hard to become a global company that all associated parties will be proud to be in relation with. We want to position our company as the “number one” option for our customers, suppliers, wholesalers and employees. Our managers and their teammates consider this as their guideline; and put huge emphasis on innovative thinking, team work and customer satisfaction.
What I perceive as our difference and perhaps our competitive edge is our corporate structure that constitutes of ambitious and dedicated individuals that are able to analyze the situations that they encounter daily and do critical thinking to double check whether the apparent answer is the right answer. Finding the right people and nurturing their development lie under our company’s healthy development. Our corporate culture shelters employees with global vision and dedicated approach; and it is for sure that this dream would have not been realized without this employee structure.
2016 hosted many fascinating and important highlights for us. Some of these have been the distribution agreements done with reputable brands such as Neta Kimya and Opet Lubricants for Ukraine; and Airtech (by Aktas Holding) for Hungary. Meanwhile, we have opened the Kaleco Hungarian Trade Houses in Kiev (Ukraine) and in Beirut (Lebanon). Another memorable milestone for us has been the establishment of TL Partners Kft. that will facilitate the development of TimeLooper in Turkey, Hungary and Netherlands. Considering these developments, we expect nothing other than further development and bigger achievements in 2018.
Best regards,
Alpaslan Kaya