KALE in Brief

Kale Global Holding is established by the founder of Mr. Alpaslan Kaya who is also a partner and member of the board at Kockaya Holding. Kockaya Holding was established in 1950 in Turkey and, through decades, the company became one of the biggest manufacturers in the Turkish automotive spare parts industry by the establishment of 2 factories producing brakepads and cooling systems. By the beginning of 2000, another ring was attached to the production line with the start of manufacturing copper and copper alloys with the establishment of a new factory.


As of 2018, the holding currently recruits over 1700 employees and looks to undertake projects in private and public sectors that add value to Turkey’s growth and innovation. Some of these projects include the production of the cooling systems of unmanned aerial vehicles, ventilation systems used in submarine projects, cooling & heating modules along with shells of bombs and bullets used in military defense industry and blank coins (for 15 countries).


The holding’s line of operation has continued to evolve in recent years and there are ongoing operations going on at various other sectors including construction, real estate management and insurance.


Kale Global Holding has intention to focus on opportunities concerning international trade and global investments. In this sense, other than Turkey, there have been 4 international offices set in Algiers (Algeria), Beirut (Lebanon), Budapest (Hungary) and Kiev (Ukraine). Through these offices, various trade activities regarding the import and distribution of numerous products in multiple sectors (i.e. automotive and construction spare parts, FMCG, industrial hygiene products etc.) take place. The company also operates the local Hungarian National Trading House offices in Lebanon, Algeria and in Ukraine with the intention to introduce Hungarian companies to domestic parties that might be of interest and to create sales channels for the products and services of these companies in the mentioned countries. Finally, it shall be mentioned that Kale Global Holding has made investments in certain international start ups operating at IT industry and is actively seeking for further similar opportunities.