Financial Services

Kale Capital Partners Inc., led by Kaya Family, is a capital investment firm with years of experience in helping businesses reach their full potential. Unlike venture groups that only provide monetary investment, KCP works to make sure all their investments are backed by resources and strategic partnerships that ensure success. KCP specializes in early-stage investments to help make ideas into reality, as well as providing late-stage capital injections.

Kale Capital  specialised in Public Equity and Private Equity Investments, focused on Small-Medium Enterprises, with active approach in managing investee companies.

Kale Capital seeks investment opportunities among leading companies in niche markets with skilled management teams and with sustainable development plans.

Kale Capital is a long-term investor which contributes to an increase of its target companies’ value over time, supporting entrepreneurs for the creation of successful strategies, also through the appointment of its own candidates in the administrative and supervisory bodies.

Kale Capital was founded in February 1998, Istanbul and has been investing in Foreign Markets  since 2010.

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