Human Resources

HR Culture

Our business culture values and respects the differences that exist among the world’s people. This belief has strengthened our determination to hire a culturally diverse workforce that’s the best and the brightest. Workforce diversity fuels the high performance necessary to compete in the global market. As an international company, we consider every citizen of every country as our potential customer.
Aiming the success in the new markets, KALE GLOBAL works with a dynamic team who analyzes the necessities of its customers, knows their culture and responds to their needs effectively.
As KALE Family, we work as a team and we believe that “none of us is as strong as all of us”.

HR Values

Our team is our main asset, and we value their ;
• Reliability and honesty,
• Self-confidence,
• Dynamism,
• Team spirit and solidarity,
• Aiming for being more individulally,
• Visionary perspective,
• Aiming for more values to our Customers.

HR Principles

• Paying the utmost care to the motivation of the employees and their affiliation to the company.
• Performance-oriented fair salary policy and rewarding applications.
• Providing the adequate environment for the continuous training and self-development.
• Planning of the human sources and their organizational back-up.
• Planning the careers of the employees systematically according to the needs of the organization and developing their careers continuously.
• Reinforming the employees regarding their performances.
• Recruitment according to the qualifications and needs.
• Encouraging the social and cultural activities.